Breakfast Program 2014-2015
The School Breakfast Program makes it possible for school children in the United States to receive a nutritious breakfast every day at school. The benefits are decreased food insecurity, a lower probability of overweight and obesity, improved student behavior, fewer school absences and visits to the school nurse, and decreased emotional and behavioral problems. Many studies indicate that children who eat breakfast everyday learn better, behave better and perform better than those that do not eat breakfast. In fact, students who participate in a breakfast program have been found to have higher math grades, less frequent school absences and tardiness, and fewer emotional and behavioral problems.

Some specific information about Polo's breakfast program are as follows:
  • Centennial received a grant for pre-K thru 5 to get this program started
  • Program runs from 7:45 am-8:10 am
  • Since the beginning of the program this school year our numbers for breakfast for the three schools are as follows:  Aplington Middle School averages at least 13 students a day with a total of 490 meals served; Centennial Elementary School averages 61 students a day with a total of 2,260 meals served; Polo High School averages 21 students served with a total of 787 meals. We have served 3,537 meals from Sep 1-Oct 22, 2014.
  • If you have any questions about this program, or how to participate in program, please contact the office.