The Production of “2222: Zombie Apocalypse” Arrives at PCHS November 14th and 15th

Producer R. Proferro (Hannah Bruner) and her production crew will take the audience on a hilarious romp through the challenges of creating a “B” movie in “2222: Zombie Apocalypse.” Carol (Daltry Lackland) the unsure writer, and novice movie director G. Vaughn (Leila Stebbins) will attempt to create a creepy production ready for low-budget movie followers who are hungry for a new zombie movie. Short on time and low on money Proferro and her assistant Erin (Ahleah Lopez) will try every trick in the book to pull off the production in just two days.

But Gerald (Adrian Gonzalez) the maintenance man knows more than he’s letting on. He understands the Kleinsmith-Fuentermann Effect that states that the earth’s polarity will shift as a result of more and more people believing something will happen accelerating the time table as a result. So, instead of the Apocalypse happening 200 years in the future Gerald believes it will begin happening right now! Yipes! Is Gerald right? Will Bob (Noah Diehl) end up being set on fire? Will the movie’s stars Clougheie (Lindsey Coleman) and Brian (Hayden Bittenger) end up in love? Or is there someone else waiting in the wings?
What about all the Zombies? Are they actors or are they real?

To find out the answers come to the Polo Community High School Drama Club’s production of “2222: Zombie Apocalypse” November 13th at &;00 p.m. and November 14th at 7:30 P.M. in the high school gym. Ticket prices are as follows: Adults $5, and Students (K-12) and Senior Citizens $3; children must be escorted by an adult. This play is suitable for all ages; you might get a goose bump, but not a fright; though caution is advised for very young children. To make reservations for either performance, you may call the high school office at 946-3314, or stop by the high school to pick-up tickets.

Already missing Halloween? Always wanted to dress up as a zombie? Here’s your chance! Audience members are invited to dress as zombies for the evening because Proferro needs “a cast of thousands” (please be considerate of younger children who may be attending when deciding on your costume). A zombie costume contest will be held during intermission at each performance and prizes will be given for the best costume. Come join the fun!!

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