Response to Intervention (RtI)

It is the purpose of Centennial Elementary School to provide struggling students with academic and/or behavior services through Response to Intervention (RtI). It is our goal to provide these struggling students with early interventions before their academic and/or behavior problems worsen.  By providing students with these early interventions it will allow teachers and the RtI team to intervene in the learning process before the gap between their ability and their peers widens.  The objective is to help struggling students catch up to the level of the other students in their class.

We believe ALL students can learn and achieve high standards when provided with effective teaching, research-based instruction, and access to a standards-based curriculum in the regular classroom environment.  We understand that all learners are different and some students may need a more comprehensive system of tiered interventions to address the full range of students’ academic and behavioral needs to achieve the same goals. Under RtI, this system of tiered services is supplemental (in addition to) learning in the regular classroom. Centennial Elementary School uses an RtI system to improve outcome for all students.  It is also our belief that collaboration among educators, families, and communities is the foundation of effective problem solving, and on-going academic and behavioral performance data should inform instructional decisions.  Effective leadership at all levels is crucial for RTI implementation.

For more information about this service please email Jennifer Freeman.