Building a Foundation for the Future


Aplington Middle School Mission Statement


The Aplington Middle School teachers and staff working with students, parents, and community members are committed to the following goals:


o    To promote a safe and secure learning environment

o    To provide a school and structure that allows all students the opportunity `to develop strong basic skills

o    To nurture all students to develop their unique talents and to reach their highest potential

o    To encourage responsibility, cooperation, collaboration and good citizenship

o    To foster life-long learning


This parent/student handbook is a reference tool for finding information that you may need at some point during the year.  The office is always willing to help you in any way. Please come in at any time or phone (946-2519) if you have any questions.





Note to parents and students


Please keep in mind that we must make decisions for the good of all our students and not just one individual or special group. Many of the events and situations that will arise during the school year are covered in this handbook.  Everyone should be aware, however that the handbook is not all inclusive.  Many situations will arise that may require special interpretations or the implementation of common sense rules to deal with situations.  This handbook is, however, designed to serve as a guide for both student behavior and administrative decisions.  Please contact us if any questions, problems, or concerns arise. The administration, faculty and staff are here to help you have an enjoyable and productive school year.


We expect you, as parents and students, to read the handbook and understand the rules and regulations contained within.  You are the most important part of our school, so prepare yourself to work and be the best you can possibly be.


Please visit http://polo222.org to access the district board policies. 


Aplington Middle School Staff


Mark S. Downey-Principal/Athletic Director

Mrs. Karen Bumsted- School Secretary

Mr. Messer--Math and Social Studies

Mrs. Smith—World History and Science

Mr. Jones--Math and Computer Applications

Mrs. Schlegel--Language Arts and Reading

Mr. Alston-- Science and Social Studies

Mr. Benner—Language Arts and Reading

Mr.  Sands--Physical Education

Mrs. Hahn--Art

Mrs. Wetzel—Resource

Mr. Apperson – Band and Choir

Mrs. Rothermel--Librarian Aide

Mrs. Deets--Office Aide

Mr. Bumsted – Ind. Arts

Mrs. Wiegmann – STEM

Mrs. Schultz – Intro to Ag





Sixth Grade: Reading, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Compass Learning, Math,   Physical Education,  


Seventh Grade: Reading, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, STEM, Math, Physical Education


Eighth Grade: Reading. Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Math, Physical Education, Art, Industrial Arts, Intro to Ag, STEM




























Aplington Middle School is a learning community with high expectations.  We feel by setting higher expectations and providing a challenging curriculum, Aplington students will be prepared for high school and beyond.


In order for students to have a successful academic experience there must be communication between the following; school, students and parents. Parents are encouraged to seek the progress of their student at any time during the school year. Parents may also request a parent/teacher conference or a team conference at any time during the school year. Teachers will keep students informed of their academic performance on a regular basis. If ever there are any concerns please contact the office at (946-2519).


Parents have the opportunity to access grades, attendance, and discipline online anytime through the district’s student management system.  Please contact the Aplington office for information.


Midterm progress reports are sent home and/or available after approximately four to five weeks into each grading period.


Report Cards are issued at the end of each nine-week grading period.  At the conclusion of the nine-week grading period each student will receive a letter grade.  The letter grade represents a numerical percentage according to the scale below.


90--100%= A                          Excellent-Superior

80---89% = B                          Good                                     

70---79% = C                         Average

60---69% = D                         Poor-but passing

00---59% = F                          Failing


The final grade for the year for each student will be the average of the numerical percentages earned over the four grading periods.  The Principal has the final say on student grades.


Honor Roll


Grades 6, 7 and 8 have an honor roll.  All grades on the report card are included in determining a student’s grade point average.  An average of “B” or better is required for making the Honor Roll.  Students who have a “B” average but also receive a letter grade of “D” or lower in one class will not be eligible for the honor roll.  High honors will be designated for students who have an equal or greater number of “A” grades with no grade of “C” or below.  Straight A honor roll represents those students who have achieved an “A” grade for all of their classes.




The following awards are available for those students who represent the characteristics required for that particular award.  The awards will be presented during an Aplington recognition assembly.


o    Extracurricular Awards for Band, Chorus, Athletics, Math Counts, and Academic Team

o    Perfect Attendance

o    Honor Roll

o    Good Citizen of the Month

o    Presidential Academic

o    Illinois Principals Association Leadership Award

o    American Legion Award

o    Natalie Powell Achievement Award


Good Citizen Award


The selection of students for the “Good Citizen” award originates from the teacher and or administration recommendations.  The “Good Citizen” award is given to a student who demonstrates outstanding school citizenship, courtesy, and cooperation with students, teachers, staff and administration throughout the entire school setting.  The recommendation for the “Good Citizen” can also be made for the following reasons:

o    Outstanding consistent student achievement and extra work within the classroom.

o    Positive leadership

o    Cooperation with teachers and administration in helping prevent the breaking of school rules and regulations.

o    Assistance in the turning in of lost and/or stolen property

o    The most improved student










Good Citizen Award guidelines


o    One student per grade level will be eligible each month to receive the award.

o    The “Good Citizen” award recipient will receive a U.S. Saving Bond.

o    Grade level teacher and the principal will make the final selection.

o    A pupil is eligible to receive the award for more than one month at the grade level if there are no other eligible students.

o    There will be no co-winners for a grade level for a month.


Extra-Curricular Activities


The following extra-curricular activities are offered at Aplington Middle School:

o    Academic Team

o    Math Counts

o    Girls Volleyball

o    Girls Basketball

o    Boys Basketball

o    Wrestling

o    Track

o    Cheerleading

o    Student Council


Eligibility and participation requirements are outlined for each sport and activity. To participate in inter-scholastic athletics, a student must have a valid health examination, must display proper effort and sportsmanship, maintain passing grades and abide by the regulations established by the Head Coach of the sport.


A fee of $20.00 is charged for each sport in which the pupil participates, to a maximum of $50.00 per student for the school year and the annual maximum charge per family of $100.00.   There is no refund after the first practice.


Aplington Middle School Eligibility Policy


All Aplington Middle School students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities.  All students must meet the following criteria to participate in extra-curricular/interscholastic events at the middle school:

o    Age appropriate requirements

o    Grade appropriate requirements

o    Criteria for the Route 72 Conference Rules

o    Valid health physical on file in the office

o    Fee payment

o    Rules and regulations per sport signed by parent/guardian

o    Academic requirement


Academic eligibility requirement:


1.  Begins the first day of practice

2.  Any student failing any two classes will be unable to participate in any competitive event for that week.

3.   Eligibility is determined by grades being due in the office by the end of the day on Wednesday.   Ineligibility will be the following week.

4.  Academic ineligibility allows the student to practice but not participate in the competitive event for that week.

5.  If any student has four weeks of consecutive ineligibility he/she will be dropped from the extra-curricular activity.

6.  Ineligible students may not attend away events.

7.  Student grades are used the first two weeks of every quarter to determine eligibility for the new nine weeks.


The principal will make the final determination for eligibility.


Activity Code

(Applies to any student involved in any extra-curricular activity)

Any student guilty of violating the Activity Code and involved in extra-curricular activities will be suspended from the activities as follows:


Tobacco                   Alcohol                   Other Illegal Drugs including e-cigarettes, medical marijuana at school

1st Offense    2 wks. / 9 wks.     3 wks. / 12 wks.      4 wks. / 18 wks.

2nd Offense  1 calendar year      1 calendar year        1 calendar year

3rd Offense   career                     career                       career


Note: The first number indicates the amount of time suspended from competition or participation within the activity if the student chooses counseling. If the student does not choose counseling, the second number applies.


After the first violation in any category, a second violation in any category will be considered a second offense.



Administering Medications


Students needing medicine during the school day to remain in daily attendance, for comfort, or as a necessity shall be required to comply with the following guidelines:


1. Written orders are to be provided to the school from a physician detailing the name of the drug, dosage, and the time interval in which the medication is to be taken.

2. All medications must be administered by the school nurse or through the office.

3. All School Board policy guidelines must be followed.

4. The school shall not administer aspirin, acetaminophen, vitamin tablets, or other types of medicine unless the above guidelines have been followed. 


Bus Permits


Visitors wishing to ride with you on the school bus must request permission from the principal by presenting a note from the host’s parents and a note from the visitor’s parents. If the bus is not overcrowded, permission will be granted.


Classroom Expectations


The following expectations apply to all students for each class at Aplington Middle School.


1. Bring textbook, notebook paper, pen or pencil, and other necessary materials to class. Coming to class unprepared may result in a minor.

2. Be an active participant in the classroom by taking notes, listening well, and taking part in discussions.

3. When provided study time, use this time effectively and understand the assignment before leaving the class.

4. Keep your student planner up to date and bring it to class daily.




Attendance at school is mandatory and is vital for the success of any student.  If a student is to be absent for a pre-planned doctor/dentist/etc. appointment, please notify the office before it occurs.  When a student must leave school for any reason, and the parent is not transporting the student, a note or phone call explaining who is transporting the student is required.  If a student comes to school after 9:10 am, the student is considered absent for a half day.




If a student is ill and cannot attend school, please call the office (946-2519) before 9:00am.  If we do not hear from you, someone from the office will phone home and/or work to find the student and cause of absence.  The student is required to bring to the office a satisfactory explanation from the parent or guardian upon returning to school after an absence.  Beginning with the sixth day of absence in a class (or the sixth school day whichever comes first) in a semester, the student will be expected to provide written verification of the illness by a medical doctor and/or the school nurse.  If this written verification in not provided the future absences will be considered unexcused.


Chronic Absence


Students who are chronically absent without satisfactory explanations for those absences, and those students who have unexcused absences may receive a visit from the truancy professional or administrator to address the problem.  Parents will be contacted immediately regarding their student’s chronic and unexcused absences. 


Make-Up Work/Special Permission Absences


Students absent because of illness or family emergencies may make up their class work.  The time allotted shall be equal to the number of days absent plus one-day.  The student should contact his/her teachers as soon as possible to make arrangements for making up class work. Credit may not be given for truancy absences or unexcused absences and/or for work turned in after the allowance for each day absent plus one provision.  With long term assignments such as projects or book reports, students are required to meet deadlines regardless of absences. Teachers and/or the principal may grant extensions in special cases.


With prior approval, special permission may be granted for a student to be absent for family vacations (at least one parent must accompany the pupil on vacation).  Provisions will also be made for Religious observances.  The student will be permitted to work ahead on assignments that will be missed. 


Cutting / Skipping Class