The Mission of Polo School District 222

Our mission is to inspire, educate, challenge and support all students to reach their highest level of learning and personal development to ensure a solid foundation for their future.

Polo School District 222 Goals

Student Achievement

The District will ensure excellence by implementing successful educational programs that will promote student growth and career readiness with student learning as the top priority.


The District will provide a challenging, rigorous and comprehensive curriculum that leads to academic achievement, social well-being, self-realization, good citizenship and personal growth.


The District will select, develop, and evaluate qualified personnel for delivery and support of District programs, who model the district mission.

District Finances

The District will be fiscally responsible and explore outside resources to sustain district financial stability.


The District will provide well maintained facilities that support instructional programs to promote student learning and extracurricular programs to promote excellence performance.

Student Services

The District will improve learning, teaching, and communications through the effective, efficient, and integrated use of technology by all students, staff and community.

District/Community Relations

The District will develop, implement, and improve collaborative communication channels between District #222 Board of Education, administration, staff, students, and the community.

The mission and goals were developed with the collaboration of district stakeholders over the summer. The Board and staff are continuing work on the objectives for the goals. The following community members participated in the goal setting process:

Rick Bushman, Sue Cavanaugh, Dan Massey, Jo Bittinger, Carrie Grobe, Katie Chestnut, Don Hay, Rachel Phillips, Matt Mekeel, Beth Wiegmann, Matt Messer, AJ Dollmeyer, Allison Reeder, Marla Bushkol, Vernon Shenefelt, Sarah Rowland, Yancy Webster, Kelli Call, Jennifer Grobe, Dave Bucher, Craig Cross, Shawn Willis, Andy Faivre, Mark Downey, Ethan Ditzler and Casi Kurschner. The Polo School Board was guided through this process by Laurel DiPrima with the Illinois Association of School Boards.