Our mission is to inspire, educate, challenge and support all students to reach their highest level of learning and personal development to ensure a solid foundation for their future.

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Welcome to Polo Community School District 222

District Office: 100 Union Ave  Polo, IL 61064

Phone: 815-946-3815  Fax: 815-734-3636

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Calendar Key


14--6 BBB @ Home vs Oregon
14--7/8 BBB @ Oregon
14--GBB @ Pecatonica
15--CPO Dinner
16--6 BBB @ Home vs Pecatonica
16--7/8 BBB @ Pecatonica
16--Family Reading Night
20--JH Academic Team @ Merdian
20--GBB @ PawPaw
20--BBB AFC Varsity Tournament
20--BBB Polo FS Tournament
21--6 BBB @ AFC
21--7/8 BBB @ Home vs AFC
21--BBB AFC Varsity Tournament
21--BBB Polo FS Tournament
21--WR @ Genoa Kingston
22--No school
22--BBB AFC Varsity Tournament
22--BBB Polo FS Tournament
23--NO school
24--No school
24--BBB AFC Varsity Tournament
25--BBB AFC VARsity Tournament
27--6 BBB @ Home vs Faith Christian
27--7 BBB @ Home vs Faith Christian
27--JH Academic Team at Home vs Oregon
27--CPO Meeting
28--6 BBB @ Home vs Byron
28--7/8 BBB @ Forreston
28--BBB @ Home vs Stockton
28--GBB @ Aquin
28--WR @ Freeport
30--6 BBB @ Oregon ( Nash)
30--7/8 BBB @ Home vs Oregon
30--GBB @ home vs Orangeville