Polo Community Unit School District 222 History


Initially Polo had two school districts divided by Mason Street.  The first school serving the entire town was established in 1867 and housed both elementary and secondary grades at the corner of Locust and Congress Streets. In 1927 a separate High School was built on east Mason Street, and in 1957 the current building was constructed on Union Avenue.

This middle school building, Aplington,  was originally built in 1927 as the high school. When the current high school was built in 1957, the middle grades, 6-8, were moved into the building.

The elementary school building, Centennial,  was built in 1957, the same year as the current high school. This was also the year of Polo's centennial anniversary, hence the name Centennial was given to the building. In 2000, a major addition was constructed that doubled the size of the school as well as adding a new gymnasium and office space.